Should You Get a Base Tan Before Vacation?

Winter is here! Snow has been lacking in Northern Colorado and Windsor, but that doesn’t mean the temperatures haven’t reached the teens, the cold wind keeps blowing, and we have to bundle up more and more to keep warm. All of this means that it’s the perfect time to start planning a winter vacation! To prevent the feelings of cabin fever, many of us try to get away to somewhere tropical for a week of sunbathing, drinking mai tais, and plunging into the warm, green water.

Look & Feel Healthy Schedule a Spray Tan

Are You Planning a Vacation?

Anyone who is planning a tropical getaway might be considering making a couple visits to a tanning salon to get a base tan. This extra layer of pigmentation is meant to provide some protection against a potential sunburn. However, if you are one who has tried this method of pre-tanning before a vacation, you may have realized that it is simply a myth! There have been numerous studies done looking at participants who went to a tanning salon and the scientists found that the tan they got after two weeks of tanning only gave them the equivalent of an SPF 2.

In an effort to educate our customers at Nova Tans, we want you to know that even if you do visit our tanning salon to get a base tan, you still need to use sunscreen when relaxing on the beach in Costa Rica, or wherever you choose to go to get away from the Colorado cold. At Nova Tans, we love a beautiful tan, but not at the expense of health and safety.

When you want to get away, however, you want to be free from all worries and negative thoughts that will prevent you from having a truly relaxing vacation. Don’t compare yourself to other sunbathers who have beautifully tanned skin. When you walk out onto the beach, look your best with a spray tan from our tanning salon.

Get a Beautiful Sunless Spray Tan

Nova Tans provides two choices of sunless spray tanning options. An extended clear tan that will naturally develop over a few hours after your session, or an extended tan with instant cosmetic bronzer for an immediate color. Either choice, you get a beautiful tan in a space that is safe and comfortable. Our tanning salon experts will ensure that every inch of your skin gets a smooth coverage of spray and we will educate you on how to maintain your tan as well. If you haven’t experienced a sunless tan before, there’s no need to worry. Our booth has voice control to walk you through the process. No one will walk out of our salon looking like Ross from Friends.

We understand the desire to take a vacation and to get away from the cold winter weather that has arrived in Windsor. But we want to make sure that you don’t come home with a sunburn that you’ll be recovering from for weeks. Even when you do have a base tan, you still need to use suntan lotion to prevent serious burns. We’ll all been there, but with expert tips from Nova Tans, we don’t have to go there again. Visit us today and happy vacationing!