What to Avoid After Your Spray Tan

Spray tans or sunless tanning allow for beautiful, glowing skin without harmful UV rays. What can be troublesome with this type of tanning is trying to avoid certain things that could cause the tan to become streaky or uneven. The reason for wanting a spray tan in the first place is an awesome, even tan, right? So it’s important, after all of the time we spend on preparing beforehand, to be sure to follow instructions and tips post tan. At Nova Tans in Windsor, our experts want you to be thrilled with your tan, so try to avoid these five things.

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Moisturizing Oil

Unlike tanning beds when it would be helpful to moisturize after a session, oils, cleansers, and sunscreens can cause the tan to slide right off of your skin. This can leave streaks, splotches, and unpleasant unevenness. If you’re looking to protect your skin from the sun, try using an oil free sunscreen spray. This will give your skin protection from the sun without having to use your hands to blend it in.

Anti-Aging or Acne Products

Any products that are meant to exfoliate your skin should be avoided in order to leave the tan intact. Try to use water-based products that won’t cause the tan to fade or streak throughout the life of the tan. After your spray tan session at Nova Tans, ask our experts what products we recommend to use after. We have a variety of products that are specifically made to help the tan last longer.

Long Baths or Showers

Hot baths or showers are great during the cold Colorado months, but after getting a spray tan, try to cuddle up with some blankets and hot chocolate instead of relaxing in the tub. Just like exfoliating and using moisturizers, the water and heat will cause the tan to slide off of your skin. Try not to get wet after a spray tan for six to eight hours so the formula has a chance to set in and dry. Only take a hot bath or shower if you’re looking to remove the tan.

Soaps With Lauryl Sulfates

Body and shower products with lauryl sulfates can strip your skin of natural oils. Not only is this not good for you skin, it will shorten the lifespan of your tan. Try using a gentle, water-based body wash. Also, pay attention to how you remove makeup at night, cleansing cloths can have the same effect. There are specific soaps that will help extend the brightness of your tan.


If you’ve been trying to find an excuse to blast the AC and binge on your favorite TV shows, going for a spray tan is just what you need. Avoid getting sweaty for at least 12-24 hours after your tan, this means exercising as well as being outside on hot days for too long. Dripping from sweat could cause streaks in your tan.

It takes around 24 hours for a spray tan to dry, so it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid these things. Just plan accordingly and enjoy a day of relaxing in the AC or in front of a fan. If you’re in need of glowing skin, call Nova Tans in Windsor today to learn more about our tanning beds and ask about our VIP Memberships.