This is your top of the line bed that will only take three to four sessions to build a long lasting tan with UVA rays (bronzing rays). It only takes two to three sessions a month to maintain your tan.
This bed comes with built in fans, and AM/FM radio as well so you can have a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Why Use the Matrix?

High pressure tanning salon beds combine high pressure quartz lamps with a tremendous filtering system to insure you receive 99 percent UVA tanning rays. High pressure lamps produce UVA and UVB in different ratios than conventional tanning beds; just enough UVB to produce the melanin required to tan and a lot of UVA to

oxidize the melanin and turn it golden brown.

UVA rays, sometimes known as the “gentle tanning ray,” not only tan the very most outer layer of skin, but also tans the second and third sub-layers of the epidermis, giving a deeper, longer lasting tan. So even as your outer layer exfoliates, the layers beneath are still tan. UVA light does not cause the outer layer of skin to thicken.


This bed is a 12 -minute tan. Only needing 4 to 5 sessions to build a base tan. This bed includes 3 UVA facial bronzers. These accelerate the process on your face and neck. It is also equipped with a built in fans for both the face, and the body.


This is a nine-minute tan with a 360 degree all around tan. Only needing three to four sessions to build a base tan. This bed comes with high powered fans to keep you nice and cool during your tanning session.


This is a 15 -minute tan. Needing seven to eight sessions to build a base tan. This bed is equipped with built in fans, as well as 1 UVA facial bronzer.